I often romanticize about these types of train rides.

I want to look at this for forever

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Ian Curtis chargin his iphone.

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The frozen corpse of a German soldier is used as an impromptu street sign near the front line - Eastern Front, 1942

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ISLAND LIFE for Alvar Magazine by Daniyel Lowden


Hippo don’t care, Hippo got things to do, Hippo got places to be


The best way I can love you is by not losing myself in you, but growing with you.
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The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia Was originally opened in the 1900s for medical students to come and see in person ;extremely rare conditions, and the effects of diseases that had been cured or eradicated. It still stands today as the best place for medical students to get ” hands on” experience . As well as a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

I want a collection of skulls someday

I live in Bensalem (next to Philly) and let me tell you this Museum is gorgeous. It’s so chilling inside yet beautiful. I learned so many cool and creepy things about the body.

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Italian Interiors

Photographs by Francois Halard; W magazine August 2014. 

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